Guided Practices

The following audio mindfulness meditations can be used at home or in the workplace.

Conscious Breathing Practice: The conscious breathing meditation practice uses the breath as a point of anchor, a place to return to when your mind starts to wander. A short and effective practice to restore a sense of calm.

The Three Minute Breathing Space: This practice is aimed at bringing you into the present moment. Step out of automatic pilot mode for just three minutes and feel the effect.

Uniqueness of Breath: This meditation centres on the uniqueness of each breath. Noticing any sensations or thoughts as they arise, the breath can be used as an anchor to the present moment when the mind starts to wander.

The Body Scan: This central practice of mindfulness meditation helps us to connect with our bodies.

Sounds and Thoughts: This meditation helps us to understand that we can let both sounds and thoughts come and go, without attachment. In this way, we can gain space to decide how best to respond.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation: This meditation introduces the resonant sound of a Tibetan singing bowl. The sound of the bowl is used as an anchor to the present moment.

Nature's Sounds Meditation: This guided meditation uses the sounds of nature as an anchor to the present moment.