Mindfulness in Numbers...

Sustaining a mindfulness practice in the workplace can be tough, especially with the demands and pressures of deadlines, targets and difficult conversations to navigate. So how might it be possible?  How can we use the day ‘as it is’ to bring a mindful pause into our work life? How can we activate the ‘rest and digest’ part of our nervous system to sleep better, increase focus and feel less anxious?  How can we engage our mindful approach, without it feeling like another item on our ‘To Do’ list?

 Over the past few months, in response to requests from colleagues, I have been writing a 3-week course called “Building a Mindful Group”, based on my book “Mindfulness at Work and Home.”  I am delighted to say that it’s now ready to be trialled – so thank you to all those who assisted me in the process.  

If you are interested in hosting the first free course, please do get in touch.


To pre-order your copy of Mindfulness at Work and Home, click here: reddoorpublishing.com/mindfulness



Gill Higgins