Mindfulness at Work and Home

Last Monday, I was thrilled to submit the manuscript of my first book "Mindfulness at Work and Home".

Over the last eighteen months, the writing process has been fascinating, even if at times, less than 'mindful'. A seasoned well-known author advised me to treat my writing like a day job and that 'If you want to write that important book then WRITE it and set a deadline.' It was thanks to him and the support of those around me, that finally, last Monday, it was finished.

As a war crimes barrister and parent, I use mindfulness anywhere and everywhere. So I wanted to share the simplicity of the practice, its many benefits and to tackle some of the bigger issues, such as how mindfulness can help us to reduce stress, increase focus, tame our inner critical voice and overcome fear.

Now it's on to the next stage to work with my editor.

Thank you Reddoor Publishing for all your support. I look forward to launching this book with you later this year.

Gillian Higgins