A Mindful Workplace

This week, I had the unique opportunity of hosting two “Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace” breakfast sessions from my Chambers at 9 Bedford Row, in London.

We looked at the meaning of mindfulness, its many benefits and how it can be practiced in the workplace to alleviate some of the stress we all encounter in our working lives. We shared workplace experiences and discussed how finding a few moments during our commute, arrival or even lunchtime to drop into our present moment experience can change the quality of our engagement with others and enhance our own sense of wellbeing.

I’m really grateful to those who participated in these events and shared their thoughts and experiences. I’m also grateful to Miranda Gore Browne from The Mindful Kitchen Company for providing our delicious seasonal apple and rhubarb breakfast bites.

If you would like to find out more about “Mindfulness in the Workplace” please do get in touch by clicking the link below.

Practical Meditation Presentation re Introduction to Mindfulness in the Workplace.png