Yoga and Mindfulness at Witherdens Hall, 3-5 February 2017

The months of January and February can be tough - it’s a time when our climate and environment is asking for a period of hibernation, time to slow down, rest more, keep warm and recharge. However our culture and our lifestyles don’t allow for this and we are often depleted, run down and our spirits feel weary.

This weekend offers a chance to celebrate the beauty of winter and what it asks from us - a chance to restore through gentle, warming yoga and compassionate mindfulness practices as well as the opportunity to meet like-minded souls. These people may be of all ages, professions, cycles in life, nationalities but they all have one thing in common - a desire to live a life that is more connected to what really matters. In the past our weekends have always had a wonderful atmosphere of people really able to meet each other at an honest level and find real joy and healing as a result. There is much laughter, a very relaxed atmosphere, great honesty, courage and much learnt to take with us into our everyday lives.

Witherdens Hall is a wonderful retreat centre set up by Louise Chester who used to work as a director with investment and fund management and decided, after many years of practicing meditation and mindfulness, to use her skills to take this out into the working world. She set up Mindfulness at Work as a result and has introduced Mindfulness to over ten thousand people in the workplace. 

The weekend will start at 6pm on Friday evening and finish after lunch on Sunday. There will be morning yoga practice, followed by mindfulness practices with a focus on compassion, letting go and forgiveness. There will be some time for silence (perhaps a silent walk or time to rest quietly) and then a late afternoon yoga practice with some deep relaxation.

Delicious vegetarian food is provided throughout by Baz Machon an experienced and imaginative chef and long-time colleague, who really understands this great cuisine.

All you need for the weekend is comfortable clothes, a yoga mat (we can provide one if you don’t have one), a blanket, some warm socks/slippers, coats and boots to wrap up if you would like to walk and the weather is kind, and whatever else you need to feel really snug and cosy.

Barbara has recently completed an international qualification in Mindful Self Compassion after her studies in Mindfulness, Compassion, Insight and Wisdom with Aberdeen University. She is a highly qualified teacher of mindfulness and counsellor of 25 years experience. She is supervisor and mentor to Louise Chester, Director of Mindfulness at Work.

Sacha Kent is a fully qualified yoga teacher, registered with the British Wheel of Yoga, who has a particular interest in the healing benefits of mindful movement. She teaches in West Sussex and London.

The course will be held from:-

Supper on Friday February 3rd 2017 arriving by 6pm

to after lunch on Sunday February 5th.

Price is £295.00 per person plus accommodation which is either at Witherdens Hall (early booking advised) or at a handful of lovely B & B’s very nearby.

Witherdens sleeps up to nine people in double and single rooms.


Gill Higgins